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AML/CFT Awareness

We will provide you with an understanding of what Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing are, your compliance obligations and how to meet them, see a few case studies and let you recap your knowledge

Course curriculum

Welcome to Anti-Money Laundering Awareness Course



Why we are here?

What is Money Laundering?

e.g. 1. Fraud and then Money Laundering

e.g. 2 Big spending, no job

What is Financing of Terrorism?

e.g. Funding for 9/11

e.g. Collecting for ISIS

The Aims?

Second Part

How is Money Laundering done?




International Organisations

Legal Obligations (Malta)

Legal Obligations (UK)

Risk Based Approach (RBA)

Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)

Business ML/FT Risk Assessment

Policies and Procedures

Third Part

Customer ML/FT Risk Assessment

Dealing with PEPs

Sanction Lists

Risk based Due Diligence

SDD – Simplified Due Diligence – Low Risk

CDD – Customer Due Diligence – Low to Medium Risk

EDD – Enhanced Due Diligence – Higher risk

Ongoing customer monitoring

Red Flags – Suspicious Activity

Fourth Part

When you smell a rat…

… don’t scare it!

HR Policies



Case study: Igaming

Furthering your Knowledge


Final Exam


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