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You will be introduced to the PCI Standard, familiarise yourself with the requirements and the intent behind the requirements, understand your obligations in ensuring you achieve compliance as well as take note of those ongoing activities.

Course curriculum

Introduction to the PCI DSS Standards


1.1 What is PCI DSS?

1.2 Typical data on a payment card

1.3 What Data Must be Protected?

1.4 Handling of card data

1.5 A word about masking and truncation


Definitions of PCI DSS terminology

2.1 Definitions of PCI DSS terminology

Lifecycle of a typical transaction

3.1 Authorization, Clearing and Settlement Process

PCI compliance VS certification VS validation

4.1 PCI Compliance vs Certification vs Validation

4.2 Classification of Merchants and Service Providers

4.3 A word about SAQs and some compliance rules


Structure of the PCI DSS Standards

5.1 Summary of the 12 requirements

5.2 Technical Requirements at a glance

5.3 Documentation Requirements at a glance

5.4 Vulnerability Assessment Requirements (Penetration Testing and Scanning)

5.5 Incident Management

5.6 Information Security Policy


Scoping – the most important word in PCI DSS

6.1 Introduction to scoping. Connected systems and common errors


Final Exam

14 Questions

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